TRX News

Get the in-depth TRX price prediction with the latest Tron crypto news so that you can decide the best time of investment in this coin by analyzing its market performance.

Factors affecting TRX/USD

a. Scandals – TRON has always been surrounded by scandals and controversies. The Team has accused of plagiarism on their code and white paper. Recently its co-founder and ex-CTO Lucien Chen castigated the project for being very centralized. Besides, there are users who have criticized Tron developers for being very ambitious.

b. Focused on the entertainment sector – Tron is the project that is focused on the entertainment sector, which currently has a turnover of about trillion dollars. Now the leading players of the entertainment market are looking at distributed databases and are thinking of transferring business processes to the blockchain. But for that, they need readymade solutions which can combine entertainment and blockchain. Tron offers the solution to this problem.

c. Support – Tron is a project which is supported by well-known Asian businessmen-Dai Wei (founder of the cycling company OFO), Yin Mingshan (CEO of industrial giant Lifan), Tang Binseng (creator of the popular online game “Clash of Kings”) and others. If such big businessmen are investing their money in Tron, then it means that the project has some potential that can bring profit in the future.